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Rapid changes in South Africa regarding all facets of human resource management, as well as its effective utilisation in the new millennium, are essential concepts when considering the survival of South African businesses. It is therefore of paramount importance to understand the various legislative measures and implications for HR managers that became operative during 2000. For example, the Employment Equity Act and the Skills Development Act both have to be considered. These acts will dramatically change the future of the management of human resources in South Africa. They will, for example, necessitate employment equity plans for organisations dealing with training levies. They will also result in a greater emphasis on performance management as well as on the career development of an organisation's work force. The effective implementation of these management tools will result in a competitive and profitable business that operates within the prescriptions of fair labour management. The fifth edition of this book includes a totally new approach from a quality assurance perspective, regarding the management of human resources. It includes a description of issues such as employment equity plans dealing with SAQA registration, the training levy, etc. On the other hand, recruitment, selection performance appraisal dealing with trade unions, grievance and disciplinary issues, disputes, the CCMA and industrial action are also addressed within an employment relations context throughout all the chapters. It was deemed appropriate to include new authors such as Prof. Temba Sono and Ms. Helen Schultz, to enhance the quality of the book. They address topics such as change management, diversity, employment equity, group dynamics and non-discriminatory employment practices in all its facets in order to ensure that internationally benchmarked human resources management practices are reflected. A Totally revised test bank for student evaluation and an instructor's manual will be available.

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