Haaiensnaaier - Shark Tale

Haaiensnaaier - Shark Tale



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Real Estate agents Chrissy and Trey are celebrating the sale of their latest house flip in the kinkiest way they know how, with Trey dominating her on the back deck of the just-sold house – a final, hot, good-bye to the home they've spent virtually all their waking hours in over the past two months. They're interrupted rather rudely by their loan-shark lender, Paul, who walks in on them right in the middle of the deed with some especially troublesome news – the sales contract fell through, and that means they won't be able to pay him back when the loan comes due. Paul charges a lot for his loans, and he never lets his clients go pass due. For Chrissy and Trey, that means losing the house they've sunk everything in. Unless…Chrissy is willing to trade certain favors. To save their family finances, and their future, she agrees, and that starts a thrilling, arousing, scintillating ride through an open house where she's little more than a scantily dressed prop, then Paul has his way with her before he decides to share Chrissy with a few friends – all at the same time, using virtually every entryway her body has, all under the watchful eyes of her disgraced husband. And along the way, Chrissy discovers what how fulfilling it is to be taken by an older, stronger man who knows how to take, and keep, control…

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