Haaiensnaaier - Shark Tale

Haaiensnaaier - Shark Tale



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It was man and beast in the barest environment—man in his most desperate state, and beast in its element—both bound by incommunicable isolation. --excerpt from The Legend of Okeanos. The Legend of Okeanos: A Tale of Restoration, Survival, and a Great White Shark is another Christian page-turning suspense by D.I. Telbat. This rapid-fire survival story unwraps the lives of four people from around the globe and tosses them into a plot of boiling controversy. A kidnapped man searches for hope in an underground cell; a shamed district attorney gains consciousness in a New Guinea jungle; a one-armed sailor faces a great white shark and an uncharted island. One-eyed CIA Agent Wes Trimble from Dark Vessel, Book Four in The COIL Series, risks everything and trusts God while searching for his long-time Christian friend, Seth Casey. But as political opposition invades his investigation, he realizes his pursuit of justice spans the globe—and includes others who have also disappeared. Only a local detective seems to care about the missing, and joins Wes in this thrilling quest of enduring faith and friendship. When hope and forgiveness seem impossible, faith preserves the abandoned and broken. Join us on this Christian thriller and watch God triumph through tragedy and wickedness. And meet a new unlikely friend, Okeanos. With cover art by Streetlight Graphics, a Note from the Author, Bonus Chapters of another novel, and Free Diagram Downloads to enhance reading enjoyment, D.I. Telbat hopes you enjoy this Suspenseful Fiction with a Faith Focus.

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