Movie Charts, Comedy Graphs of the Films You Love

Movie Charts, Comedy Graphs of the Films You Love



Klassieke films vertaald in grafieken: hilarisch en snugger. Een echt meekijkboek.

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The most memorable, quotable, cultish and favourite films of all time are given anew dimension. Movie Charts unleashes a caustic and comic eye on the best andworst lines, scenes, films and actors' filmographies from the movie world.Oscar winner or complete turkey, each film is given a graphic presentation that cuts right to the heart with staggering simplicity and exposes it to unwavering scrutiny. Hilarious graphs, pie charts, flow charts and diagrams dissect your favourite films and ensure you'll never be able to watch Jaws again without wondering what else they needed, apart from a bigger boat.Following on from the fabulous Pop Charts, Movie Charts analyses pop culture with the same unwavering eye and tongue in cheek which made it's predecessor such a success. Everything from movie masterpieces to filmic follies are taken apart with bullet-point brilliance. If you've never laughed at The Godfather, it's time to look again.


Nils Geylen

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