Mandela,the authorised biography

Mandela,the authorised biography



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A magisterial, detailed and invaluable account of one of this century's greatest figures ... it is hard to believe that a better biography will ever be written.' Justin Cartwright, Sunday Telegraph The life of Nelson Mandela, from the personal and the global perspective, is one of the epic stories of the twentieth century. It is also one of the most inspiring. Twenty years ago, Mandela was an almost forgotten figure languishing in jail on Robben Island; today, as he leaves office as President of South Africa, he is one of the most widely admired leaders on earth. The book provides many new insights into Mandela's story and sheds new light at every turn on the moral dilemmas and personal choices of both Mandela's private and public life. Anthony Sampson has known Mandela from the early 1950s, and conducted hundreds of interviews with colleagues, family and friends as well as prison warders and Afrikaner ex-cabinet ministers, and he is the first person to have examined prison archives in South Africa and diplomatic papers in Great Britain, the United States and South Africa. He was given unprecedented access to 27 years' worth of unpublished correspondence from prison, as well as to other unpublished writings including Mandela's original, suppressed, autobiography.


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