A Practical English Grammar

A Practical English Grammar



Ik heb het boek gekocht op de hogeschool, maar omdat ik al snel van richting ben veranderd is het nooit gebruikt. Het ligt al een paar jaar in de kast, maar eigenlijk is het nog nieuw.

Het is de 4de editie en de originele prijs was 22,94 euro.

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The Book is a Dual Language book: Russian-English, left-to-right-page match, plus supplements with detailed explanations. This is the 3rd Book of the series Russian-English Dual-Language Masterpieces of Russian and English Literature authored by Classics. Korney Chukovskiy is an absolutely outstanding Soviet author, who became a classic for children and adults. His poems are very easily memorized because of their perfect rhyming, rich beautiful vocabulary, and intelligent witty content with a moral in conclusion. Millions of Russian people know these poems by heart since their childhood. The poem can be read by adults and enjoyed as much as when read together with children. We, adults, have the soul that partly remains childish all through our lives. This childishness keeps us youthful, happy, energetic, and relaxed. The book has a Grammar Supplement (Past Tense of Russian verb, and some more), as well as the author's insight on a unique historical 70-year political and social experiment - Soviet Union. The book is written in an easy to read, fun manner, and at the same time it is very informative and can be used by Russian language instructors, as a great additional language tool. Zoia is a trilingual professional who lives and works in California. She has a Master's Degree in Education and nine years of Spanish studies, that expands her cultural perception on literature to the three world languages. She is a native speaker of Russian; an audio track of the poem is also available. This is an unusual Dual-Language Book and the readers will enjoy the book to their satisfaction and towards their enrichment.


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