Grip on Grammar

Grip on Grammar



Ik heb het boek gekocht op de hogeschool, maar omdat ik al snel van richting ben veranderd is het nooit gebruikt. Het ligt al een paar jaar in de kast, maar eigenlijk is het nog nieuw.

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Wolters Plantyn

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A clear and concise overview of the building blocks of the English language A poor command of English is a considerable obstacle in almost every walk of life, from conducting business to dealing with everyday problems. With easy-to-browse chapter on punctuation, grammar, parts of speech, sentence structure, and more, this book takes you back to the basics; the simple rules and tricks that will help anyone to master the language. Rather than a guide to everything you would ever want to know about the English language, it is a basic companion to the nuts and bolts—designed to help native and non-native speakers alike to speak and write correct and unambiguous English in any situation, business, or personal. The book offers advice on many different areas, including the writing of letters, reports, and other texts, where it is often vital to convey meaning and purpose simply and clearly. Containing hundreds of simple examples, it is essential reading for anyone who needs to communicate with clarity and precision.


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