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Supär Zetterberg



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Making really good beer at home can actually be fun, easy and cheap - and take less than a day! In Kitchen Brewing, beer enthusiasts Jakob Nielsen and Mikael Zetterberg show you how to create delicious-tasting beers on a budget in just a matter of hours, without losing any quality along the way. Using regular, everyday kitchen equipment, plus a basic home-brew starter kit, you'll soon discover that brewing beer can be as simple as cooking: you don't need to be an expert but with a bit of patience and the right know-how you'll soon see just how simple and fun it is to make beer at home. Learn how to brew small volumes of a range of different styles of beer: from beautiful fruity IPAs and fresh and herbal lagers to a cracking porter and Swedish folkoel with a real punch of hops, these are fun, manageable recipes that anyone can master. Featuring comprehensive instructions on tools, bottling, equipment hygiene, as well as helpful hints and tips on the best season to brew each beer, it won't be long until you are making your own unique beer creations in your very own kitchen brewery.


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